You will be seeing my proposed answers to these questions.

     In 1 we’re going to address the question: How do you enable an economy to grow a whole new appendage? I’ll do this by looking at a historical example we all know, deriving a lesson from it, and extrapolating that lesson into the future. This historical example we know is the creation of an economy of professionally-built software applications. What we’re going to project into the future is the creation of an economy of consumer-built software applications.

     In 2 we’ll take a particular view of application architecture in order to divide every application cleanly into two parts, one part of which is both nontrivial and interesting, and can be built by just about anybody. The other part will consist of reusable resources independently built by software developers. This will be an application model based on asynchronous collaboration of two communities: technologists and non-technologists, mediated by an interactive platform understandable to both communities.